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Zoom Fireworks Extravaganza Wall Panel

Fireworks Extravaganza Wall Panel

R 43,700.00

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Create amazing displays by selecting from a number of patterns, colours and speeds each paired to sound effects. This panel offers a number of different sound effect themes for a more relaxing or varied sensory experience, for example water or carnival sounds.


Features include:

With 825 unique and easy to use pattern combinations

Offers 11 colors, 5 sound effects and 3 speed options

5 stunning fireworks effects including Catherine wheel, Falling Stars, Radiating Comet and Strobe

Use passively or interactively

Accessible and illuminated push buttons

Facilitates choice and control

Sockets for your own switches

Can be used with a microphone for a sound to light effect to encourage vocalisation

Sound effects and visual effects are closely linked for easier understanding

Great addition to any multi-sensory space designed to stimulate mental activity, promote learning and interaction and provide a sense of calm.


Product Code: MS-FWP

Fireworks Extravaganza Wall Panel

R 43,700.00

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