Play is about building people and building communities.

Urgent Notice

We have NOT changed our bank account details. Please be vigilant of increasing fraudulent activity when shopping online.

We will be closed for business on the 8th August 2022

About Us

PlayOn develops innovative indoor and outdoor equipment and solutions so that children aged 0-100 can grow through play – to learn, feel joy and move towards reaching their full potential in life. The world is changing but the need for play, like food and air, is not. Play is our human right and at PlayOn, our commitment is to creating bespoke solutions, opportunities, equipment, spaces and experiences, so that the benefits of play can be made possible for more children everywhere.

Colin Levin started PlayOn in 2003 with a passion for creating urban design solutions that overcome the limitations of space and functionality. His engineering background, love of play and ability to tap into the uninhibited and imaginative world of children are the essence and story of the PlayOn brand.

Our showroom is located at Joy Jozi (by appointment only) in the hub of Rosebank and our factory and design studio are in downtown Johannesburg.