Play is about building people and building communities.

Innovative play solutions and equipment, creatively engineered, so that children (aged 0-100) can grow through Play. Our world and environment are ever changing but not our need for play. Our play solutions evolve and adapt so that the benefits of play can be provided and made possible for all children everywhere.

Our Product Ranges

Our bespoke range of modular soft-play blocks, wedges, and shapes that function as an adaptable, stimulating ‘early development’ Play solution used in therapy and fun.

Play for outside. Innovative jungle gym structures using metal, wood, rope and plastics, natural playscape, theme installations and more. PlayGround is the agent of Kompan in South Africa.

PlayTherapy is a range of play equipment designed and engineered to assist therapists and parents support children with developmental challenges. These include sensory rooms, weighted support, modified soft play, fine motor and writing aids and more.

Developmental games that help stimulate the brain, sensory integration, imagination and fine motor ability.

Our Factory

Our design studio, products and consulting services have been recognised as award-winning in quality, contemporary solutions. Our factory is powered by a dynamic team of playmakers, designers and craftsmen determined to create and produce the best play equipment and playgrounds – because that’s how we can create or ‘build’ better people, better communities and a better world.

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