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Fibre Shower + Light Controller

R 18,400.00

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Fibre Optic Showers are made up of 3 sets of Fibre Optic Strands. They provide colorful, sparkling strands of light you can touch, hold, capture and feel. Ideal for  sensory avoidance as they stimulate and hold attention by having both a relaxing and engaging effect on those who interact with them. Fibre Optics are safe to touch. 

Includes Interactive Light Source. Excludes Controller.

Fibre Optics can be a key component of any multi-sensory room or experience. Offering a range of opportunities for both visual and tactile stimulation.

The controlled LED lights add a magical component to this sensory experience making this product a perfect addition to a multi-sensory room. 

200 Strands X 3 M


Product Code: MS-FOS3

Fibre Shower + Light Controller

R 18,400.00

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