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Sensory Box

Portable, compact multi-sensory therapeutic environment

The Sensory Box™ is a unique Multi-Sensory Therapeutic Environment (MSTE) that is completely portable. It can be assembled, disassembled and transported with ease! It provides all the benefits and functions of a Sensory Room, and can be used anywhere - transforming any space into a state of the art multi-sensory room in minutes. The Sensory Box™ offers a powerful therapeutic tool for people who experience sensory disorders, anxiety or other dysregulation that may be linked to trauma, learning disabilities, brain injury, mental health challenges, developmental delay, autism or dementia.

The Sensory Box™ is adjusted to the needs of the client, and a quotation will be provided after evaluation of the client’s needs.
Please contact The Sensory Box™ for a customized quotation.

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Elements of The Sensory Box™

Inflatable Sensory Pod™

• Tranquil blue exterior and white interior

• Dimensions: 3m x 4m and 2.4m high

• Fits most standard rooms

• Made from durable ripstop material

• Silent compressor built into the pod

• Integrated color changing LED light strip

• Adjustable vent to control air flow

• Door opens and closes using a double-sided zipper

Input Control Unit

The Input Control Unit is a wooden box covered in soft play PVC that houses all elements required to control the audio and visual environment inside the pod, and includes:

• Speakers

• Space projector

• LED projector (WiFi enabled)

• Color changing lights

• Color changing fiber optic cables

• Remote to control all the above elements

• Plug points to connect more elements

Soft Play Mats

• 5 separate parts that are easy to assemble using velcro

• Integrated velcro for ball pond wall

• Roll or fold for transportation or storage

• High quality PVC covered

• Tranquil sky blue color

• Luxuriously thick and comfortable

Ball Pond & Tac-Tiles

• Foldable ball pond walls

• Can be put at a 90° angle to make a ball pond corner or at 180° for a half circle ball pond

• Attached to walls of the pond and mat surface using velcro

• Magnets stick to sides of walls to allow for magnetic tac-tiles to be added

• LED strip integrated in the pod shines into the ball pond and changes color

• Filled with translucent balls

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