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Zoom Hip Hop Activity Box Wall Panel
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Hip Hop Activity Box Wall Panel

R 55,200.00

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Sounds are turned into a show of light, colour and movement. The panel responds to both changes in pitch and volume to create an ever changing sensory experience. Engaging, interactive and rewarding. Encourages learning, exploration and fosters a feeling of choice and empowerment. 

Features include:

With 66 unique and easy to use pattern combinations

Offers 6 patterns and 11 colours, including a graphic equaliser effect

3 modes of operation

Responds to pitch (frequency) and volume

To encourage vocalisation, use with one or two microphones (included) 

Use for team-work or competitively

Used in therapy and teaching

With a sound effect button allowing non-verbal users to interact alongside peers

Accessible and illuminated push buttons

Sockets for your own switches


Product Code: MS-HHWP

Hip Hop Activity Box Wall Panel

R 55,200.00

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