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Triple Cube

COR10450 / Ages 5+

The Triple Cube will bring the WOW factor to any playground. At seven meters tall, children to want to climb and explore the Triple Cube as soon as they see it. The square frames with circular openings are fundamental play shapes that have fantastic play appeal.

SkyTwister Physical

COR29900 / Ages 5+

The Sky Twister Physical is an activity packed, intriguing play magnet for children. The twisted frame contains a rich variety of climbing, swaying play that makes children want to come back again and again.

Butterfly Social

COR17520 / Ages 5+

The Butterfly is a transparent, social climbing magnet for children. The elegantly curved wings with their twisted climbs invite climbing try-outs again and again. Thanks to the transparency of the Butterfly nets, the children can see each other and communicate across the Butterfly, and from ground level to top.



PCE2052 / Ages 2+

The Mountaineer attracts toddlers again and again with its spacious and varied play events. There is a choice of physical activity, social activity and cognitive stimulation, for a range of users. The varied climbing possibilities - a membrane climber, horizontal net, play panel climbing wall and stairway - offer play on different levels with challenges and train cross-coordination and muscles.


PCE2053 / Ages 2+

The Gogetter is a fantastic structure with loads of play opportunities that will encourage children to stay and play, and return again and again. These play experiences will support children's development in all areas. The slide supports physical skills such as balance and spatial awareness.


PCE1050 / Ages 2+

The Scout is an active, with colourful play features which attract toddlers to come and climb, slide and glide. The numerous entrances offer much variety on this compact unit. This builds layers of play opportunities and attracts children again and again. The varied climbing accesses offer both a fast and easy and a more challenging way up to the platform.



GXY902 / Ages 6+

Rocking and balancing activities can take place at both ends ofEnif. At one end, the open triangle is a place for both wild and mild activity. At the opposite end, there is a rocking play shell that serves as a half-hidden place to cuddle into and disappear. It is a challenging journey to go through the Meteor Shower with its many ropes and multi-coloured orbs.


Kuma / Ages 6+

With its quirky angles and shapes, KUMA attracts adventurous play explorations in 6-12yearolds. The curved climbing wall with thecolorspot cleats invites a challenging climb to the top. From here, a handle leads to the bouncy play shell seat or the swaying overhead bridge. The open Triangle Plate invites a swaying climb up or down, or a nice seat. The Stabile with open Triangle plate invites climbing through, up and down.


GXY925 / Ages 6+

The amazing Canopus requires physical and agility skills. The variety of play activities mean lots of children, teens and tweens can play together at the same time. The varied spinning activities vastly train the motor skills ABC of agility, balance and coordination. The sense of balance is fundamental for all other motor skills and makes it possible for humans to manage the world securely.

Nature Expedition


NAT521  / Ages 4+

The Savannah attracts world explorers among school age children from far away with its fantastic variety of thrilling play activities. The 5 varied climbs and crawls via nets, ladders, floors and climbing poles to the tall slide stimulate the children’s agility, balance and cross- coordination. And the variety makes sure that there are ways up and around the Savannah for bigger and lesser dare devils.


NAT526 / Ages 4+

With its multiple platforms and climbs, the Observer attracts world explorers among school age children. The variety of thrilling climbs and crawls via nets, steps, ladders, horizontal and tilted floors and climbing tubes stimulate children’s balance and cross-coordination, and the proprioception: The variety of inclined, straight, swaying and firm climbs provide fun challenges for all.


NAT527 / Ages 6+

With its multiple thrilling climbs, the Niagara hugely attracts world explorers among school age children. The variety of challenging climbs and crawls via nets, poles, ladders and tilted floors will make children return for more play again and again. The varied ways up and down Stimulate children’s balance and cross-coordination, and the proprioception: The inclined, straight, swaying and firm climbs provide fun challenges for dare devils as well as more cautious explorers.


Double Tower with Spider Net

NOR2003 / Ages 4+

The Double Tower with Spider net has lots of climb, slide and glide variations, children will want to try it out again and again. They will train their muscles balance and cross-coordination as they loop the varied play activities. The spider net has partly inclined horizontal rungs, which adds challenge to the climb.

Two Towers with Overhead Handholds 

NOR2001 / Ages 4+

The Tarzan challenge of the Two Towers with Overhead Handholds attracts children to try out their skills and strength. The inclined and twisted climbing nets train important motor skills such as cross coordination and balance. The overhead handholds are great trainers of upper body strength. 

Tower and Climber

NOR1001 / Ages – 6+

The Tower & Climber inspires great play again and again thanks to its versatile nature: a multitude of balancing and climbing activities and a great tower with slide provide fun play challenges for school age children. The varied climbing nets stimulate cross-coordination. 


Spinner Plate 

ELE500008 / Ages 2+

The turning seat of the Spinner Plate makes older children laugh out from joy: It matches thefavoritestool or chair, which can rotate and help you stay updated on events in all directions. This functionality in the playground is perfect. The social function is evident, and there is room for two friends seated or standing. This trains cooperation and turn-taking skills.

Spica 1

GXY8014 / Ages – 6+

The quirky shapes, toothy top and triangle platform invite the curious 6-12 year olds to investigate the Spica. The rotation point of the Spica is at the centre and it takes exploration and problem solving to master how to spin. The curved pole can be held on to at any position and the child will figure out that leaning in to the pole will increase the spinning speed and leaning out will decrease the speed.

Whacky Spinner

ELE500007 / Ages 4+

The sensation of combined rotation and rocking is so much fun. It is great, challenging balance and proprioception training for older children to manage the rotating rocker. The distance to the ground makes it a pretty conscious choice whether you think you can stay on the Wacky Spinner once it starts rotating and rocking.


Home and Rescue with ADA Stairs 

MSC6407 / Ages 2+

The Home & Rescue themes hugely appeal to all children’s urge for dramatic play inspiration. The low, wide stairway invites all abilities. The many under deck openings to the den invite breaks with friends. There is a Home side and a Rescue side, both popular in play.

Shop and Construction

MSC6424 / Ages 2+

The shop and construction themes greatly appeal to children’s urge for dramatic play stories. The ground level shop counter and clock make this playground anabsoluewinner with all children. Hours and hours of play for all, thanks to the two sided theme, tactile elements and the wide, accessible stairway.

Ocean and Jungle

MSC6410 / Ages 2+

The Ocean & Jungle themes hugely appeal to children’s urge for dramatic play stories. The under-deck den invites a break with friends. There is an Ocean side and a Jungle side, inspiring wild explorer play stories. Thanks to the two-sided themed panels and the curved and inclined choice of access points, the Ocean & Jungle challenges a wide user group.

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