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Catch the Poppin Hoppies you need and be the first player to assemble a plastic man.

Ages 5 and Up

2 to 4 Players

Wow! The fun really pops and everybody hops when you play Poppin Hoppies! It’s the great new action game from University Games. Everybody waits and watches and waits….and then all of a sudden, POP! POP! POP! The Poppin Hoppies start popping! And what fun when everybody tries to catch them at one. One player catches a green one. Somebody catches a blue one. And you catch “P. Henry Hoppie” himself! After all the Poppin Hoppies have popped – you exchange the ones you caught for matching colour pieces. If you build your man first, you win!


7 Poppin Hoppies

4 Poppin Hoppies Plastic Men Sets

Poppin Hoppies Game Board

Rules of Play

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