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Our MINI systems are a combination of blocks, wedges, rollers, rockers and wheels. The MINI ‘Home’ was designed for households as the added tent offers a space saving solution for storage in the garden and also functions as its own play house feature with side windows.

Blocks are used for climbing, stacking, seating or balancing. Perfect for integrating into modular obstacle courses or as furniture in your playroom.

PlaySoft blocks can be covered in any fabric to suit your preference.

Mini home system R7740

Description of Product

With/Without Tent

Wheels 90x30cm x 2

Rockers 60x45x25 cm x 2

Blocks 30x3x30 cm x 3 Soft/Hard

Beam Block 90x30x25cm x1

Wedge 60x40cm x1 Soft/Hard


Additional information


including tent, not including tent


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