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This is the first item which was ever manufactured within the Gymnic line. This ball is a specific tool to foster recovery from neurological and orthopaedic pathologies, a valuable support in treating muscular dystrophy and for rehabilitation and analgesic gymnastic. It is used for strengthening and maintenance motor activities, within the Pilates method, and for functional and athletic training.

Warning! In case of puncture the ball bursts. Please make sure that the ball is used on a surface free from pointed objects.

Warning! For body weight exercise only. Lifting weights while using the product may cause injuries to the user.

Please enquire about delivery charges.

Gymnic 45 = R276

Gymnic 55 = R340

Gymnic 65 = R405

Gymnic 75 = R465

Gymnic 85 = R639

Gymnic 95 = R764

Gymnic 120 = R1500

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