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Join the woodland wonder, with a party in the forest. There are orders to be completed and you need to collect the food as fast as you can.

Number of players: 2

Suitable ages: 6


2 double sided animal boards

2 double sided ground boards

2 double sided food boards

1 Wooden Spinner

20 food tokens

8 order cards

2 heart tokens

1 care paper bag

How to play:

Spin the spinner and let the frenzy begin. Mentally trace the underground path from the animal to the food and scream ‘Dug’ before the other player does. Grab the 5 food items as you make your way to the party! Double your points with claiming squares on the second level Spin a ‘Swap’ to exchange food items to complete your order. Be careful you might spin ‘‘Order Mix up’, and then you will have to dig a little longer. You will have to exchange your party order cards with each other. Every turn gets more exciting as you keep flipping the boards and the paths never remain the same. Focus. Track in your mind without using your fingers and Be quick; other animals are also digging and the paths might be confusing.

Skill set:

Attention & focus


Processing speed

Eco Care

This product is hand crafted using wood and non-toxic inks. The packaging is printed with soy-based ink and phthalate-free lamination on recycled paper.

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