About Us

PlayOn is an award winning design company created in 2003 by engineer, designer and playmaker Colin Levin. The company is recognised for developing innovative indoor and outdoor equipment and solutions, creatively engineered, so that children (aged 0-100) can grow through play, to learn and develop – and reach their full potential in life. Play builds people and builds communities. Our world and environment are always changing but not our need for play. We offer solutions that evolve and adapt so that the benefits of play can be provided and made possible for all children everywhere.

Play is a primal priority, even more so in our modern world of screens and consumerism – through play, potential is exponential. The more you play, the better you play, the more you learn, the better you develop, the more you explore, the more you can create, the more you can become, the greater your potential to achieve happiness, productivity and make a better world.
That’s what PlayOn is about.

Our Factory

Our factory is powered by a dynamic team of playmakers, designers and craftsmen determined to create solutions that evolve and adapt so that play can be provided to children everywhere.

Developing product in Africa, our factory is able to offer the advantage of world-standard equipment produced cost-effectively – so we can provide quality play for less.

Our production and showroom are in Selby Johannesburg. Please drop in or set up an appointment so we can ensure you have the best person meet you to discuss you play needs.

Address: 9 Richard Street Selby, Johannesburg, South Africa

Call: +27 11 493 4456

Mail: info@playon.co.za

Our World

PlaySoft is our modular range of developmental play systems and furniture for schools, homes, kids’ clubs and OT practices. PlaySoft creates great fun indoors that keep children busy for hours while they unknowingly are building essential gross motor abilities, body and spatial awareness and self confidence.
Depending on how much space you have indoors, this modular system is an adaptable, stimulating early development solution available in a vast range of suitable fabrics and colours.


PlayGround is our extensive range of outdoor equipment – jungle gyms, slides, plastic play, parachutes and climbing walls.
As well as adult outdoor gyms and sporting equipment – part of our PlayFit range – that enable parents to train and also play in close proximity to their children on the playground.
PlayGround is also the sole agent of Danish brand Kompan in South Africa and all our systems can be customised and redesigned or bought as a complete solution.


PlayTherapy is a specialised range of developmental play and therapy products – designed and engineered to assist children, and the occupational therapists and caregivers who support them, to overcome developmental challenges. PlayTherapy is the heart and soul of our business and we pledge to always, where we can, try and develop solutions that will better facilitate your child’s development.


PlayGames are the games that our playrooms and schools should be filled with. They include imagination play, baby games, logic, construction, fine motor and sensory.


Our Maker

In 2003 Colin Levin started PlayOn. His background and qualifications as an engineer and play fanatic have been fundamental in the creation of urban design solutions that overcome limitations of space and functionality. His technical skills combined with an ability to tap into the uninhibited and imaginative world of children and a commitment to his mission of bringing more play into the world are the essence and building blocks of PlayOn.

Colin Levin